Friends of Fairways - York Lodge
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Friends of Fairways

Toward the end of last year York Lodge donated some towels to Fairways Home for the Aged. We dropped them off, practically at the gate, due to Covid restrictions. In Zimbabwe, the lockdown was lifted over the Christmas period, and we were invited back to Fairways for their carol concert, in thanks for our donation. We arrived laden with Xmas pies and other donated goodies.

Two things struck me; I was moved by their generosity, sharing freely what was obviously a treat for them. Everyone was welcoming and kind. The second was their gratitude, they were enormously grateful for their mince pies, for the jerseys and fabric, and the sewing machine (kindly donated by Geoffrey Burton).

Due to their vulnerability to the virus, the seniors in our midst have suffered from the Covid crisis perhaps more than any other single demographic. They have been isolated for months, almost a full year, many without access to, or the ability to access, the technology that would keep them in touch with loved ones abroad (or just on the other side of the wall) if they have any.

These elderly members of our community have been cut off from the types of activity that bring meaning or purpose to their life, communal activities, recreational or exercise, or just face-to-face social interactions that they are used to having.

What we are doing

We have committed to breaking up their calendar, stopping the days from draining one into another without form or relief, giving them something to look forward to. We aim to foster new social connections between Fairways residents and the community, to grow more united and encourage intergenerational interaction. We can learn so much from our elderly. In these unprecedented times, we need to protect, connect and stand with them more than ever before.

What you can do

While they are grateful for any assistance, Fairways have a “wish list” which includes; sheets (straight and draw), adult diapers, bed covers, Vaseline, toilet paper, aqueous cream, bath soap, detergents, toasters, and a microwave. We are happy to collect on their behalf, or for you to take your donation directly to the office (see Wendy) – just let us know so we can remove it from the list!

We will be organizing a high tea to celebrate the end of lockdown and Easter weekend – bake a cake and come and join us!

If you have any questions regarding making a donation to Fairways, please contact Tina on 0774549609.